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Everything you need to know to create a rental marketing plan and strategy in 2024

April 5, 2024

Listen as Bekah Ware, CEO and owner NYAMARK, a marketing agency that serves the manufacturing, distribution, dealerships/rental houses, and any services or products pertaining to the construction industries, walks through step by step how to build a marketing plan in the rental industry in 2024.

0:30 – Step 1: Your marketing plan starts with your website. Website considerations.

3:23 – Step 2: Search engine optimization (SEO).

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4:41 – Step 3: It takes 12 to 15 touchpoints to convert a customer. This is how you build your marketing mix.

6:03 – Step 4: Building a customer archetype.

7:28 – Taking marketing a step further with in-house staff. What should my marketing team be thinking about in 2024? What can your dealers provide to you?

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10:42 – Tactics that other rental companies have successfully used.

12:52 – Working with large influencers.