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DEVELON DX 17Z-7 mini excavator

By Brock Huffstutler

June 9, 2024

DEVELON DX 17Z-7 mini excavator

DEVELON DX 17Z-7 mini excavator

The new DX17Z-7 mini excavator from DEVELON, Suwanee, Ga., features a retractable undercarriage and collapsible dozer blade to enhance precision and performance around tight corners on the job site.

With a 48-in. track width, the DX17Z-7 can travel between homes on tight lot lines or flush against existing structures in developed areas where larger equipment doesn’t fit. The 16-hp mini excavator features an open canopy cab for optimal operator visibility, a selectable control pattern switch that gives operators the ability to change between ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and “backhoe” patterns depending on their preference and comes standard with the new MY DEVELON telematics system that monitors the health, location and productivity of DEVELON equipment from a mobile app and website.

The DX17Z-7 weighs approximately 4,200 lbs. and is the smallest member of the DEVELON mini excavator fleet. The unit is ideal for landscaping, residential construction and utility work, the company says.

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