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A Career Development Month plan of action

Each month is earmarked for special awareness of one topic or another. Some — like National Ice Cream Month in July — are just for fun while others are more serious. November contains one of these that I think — and I’m sure I speak for most in our industry on this — really matters to our businesses: National Career Development Month.

Stefani Donabedian, ARA of Massachusetts president, offers a look at what’s ahead

Hey there, American Rental Association (ARA) Region One family! It’s Stefani Donabedian, your fellow member and friend from Hudson, Mass. I am the vice president of Decanted Wine Truck and the current president of the ARA of Massachusetts. I know it is busy season and things are buzzing with activity in our industry right now, but I hope that amidst all the hustle, you can squeeze in a moment to take a breath and check out some of the wonderful events we have lined up.