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Hitachi Global Air Power US acquires Henry Production

By Stephen Elliott

August 6, 2023

Hitachi global Air Power acquires Henry ProductionHitachi Global Air Power US, Michigan City, Ind., has purchased Henry Production, parent company of Pumps and Service. Pumps and Service has been a distributor of Sullair air compressors since 1990 and provides sales and service of compressors, pumps and related equipment. Henry Production develops comprehensive gas compression solutions including fabrication. The companies are headquartered and co-located in Farmington, N.M., with sales and service locations in Albuquerque, N.M., and Lubbock, Texas. 

“Pumps and Service has a strong market share in the southwestern United States and this purchase allows us to cement our sales and service presence in the region,” said John Randall, Hitachi Global Air Power president and CEO. “With the addition of Henry Production, this acquisition also allows us to deepen our customer focus, especially in the oil and gas industry.” 

Henry Production, established in 1962, began with a focus on specific gas compression needs and continues to build system packages and compressor skids. Pumps and Service, established in 1978, sells and services air compressors, pumps, engines, cooling towers and more. Together, the two companies provide turnkey compressed air solutions for customers, specializing in customized packages for the oil and gas industry. They also serve various other regional industries including mining, construction and food and beverage. 

“What’s always set us apart is the level of respect we have for customers and vendors,” said Sam Henry, president, Henry Production and Pumps and Service. “Making a sale is a transaction. Treating a customer with respect creates a partnership. Hitachi Global Air Power operates with those same principles of mutual respect and trust.” 

All Pumps and Service and Henry Production employees will remain with their respective companies through the transition and both companies will operate under their original name pro tem to help ensure uninterrupted service to customers.