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Trackunit emissions reporting software

By Stephen Elliott

October 22, 2023

TrackunitTrackunit emissions software, Aalborg, Denmark, has launched a new emissions reporting software designed to enhance fleet owners’ ability to meet CO2 targets and win contracts with strict sustainability criteria. Emissions reporting harnesses synthesized machine metadata and individual equipment profiling to unlock comprehensive total fleet emissions reporting for off-highway machines and equipment.

“Construction is complex and that has made it difficult for the industry to get really accurate figures on emissions,” said Laerke Ullerup, Trackunit’s chief marketing and product manager. “The solution and data model is uniquely able to include all equipment — connected and non-connected — using machine learning and the vast data pool to deliver emissions reporting with high accuracy. Effectively, it means no machine will be left behind.”

The software can be used on every type of machine in the off-highway sector and gives users an at-your-fingers display of emissions from all connected equipment enabling easy tracking, and where necessary, almost instantaneous action to reduce emissions through the value chain, the company says.