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ARA of Idaho president offers a Career Development Month plan of action

By Drew Dancer

November 7, 2023

Drew Dancer

Each month is earmarked for special awareness of one topic or another. Some — like National Ice Cream Month in July — are just for fun while others are more serious. November contains one of these that I think — and I’m sure I speak for most in our industry on this — really matters to our businesses: National Career Development Month.

Specifically in our industry, we want to turn people on to the career opportunities that exist in equipment and event rental. National Career Development Month is a good time to give some thought to that and to utilize one terrific resource that is right at our fingertips: the American Rental Association (ARA) Job Portal.

Did you know that during the first six months of 2023, the ARA Job Portal alone — not including the traffic from ARA’s national partner job boards — has generated 952,840 job views, 8,128 “apply now” clicks, 573 new job seeker sign-ups and 138,026 alerts that were sent to job seekers?

Each night, all open positions listed on the ARA Job Portal are sent automatically to more than 20 national job partners, including, and to name just a few. Plus, all the jobs on the ARA Job Portal are posted to more than 600 local job boards across all 50 states, additional diversity and employment websites, and community and outreach programs that are part of the network of online websites. That means your job listing stands a good chance of reaching a significant number of job seekers.

I encourage you to give the ARA Job Portal a try. You can do so at a savings, too. ARA members may post up to five different job listings on the ARA Job Portal for free — just use the code ARAFREE2023 to receive this offer.

Once you get new hires in the door, you also want to offer them quality benefits, including health insurance. While you’re looking at the ARA Job Portal, also be sure to check out the ARA Healthcare Solution — a customized health coverage option available to ARA members. The program, a partnership with Allstate Benefits and HUB International, delivers quality, affordable health coverage that complies with the Affordable Care Act.

Finally, since this newsletter has covered the topic of equipment theft heavily this year, I want to make you aware of an opportunity to acknowledge a law enforcement officer who has made a difference in helping us track down stolen equipment and apprehend those responsible.

The ARA Insurance and National Equipment Register (NER) Award recognizes law enforcement officers who have “performed exceptional service to the rental industry through the recovery of rental equipment or through theft-prevention initiatives.” This award is presented at The ARA Show™ and the winning candidate will receive a $2,000 grant to help fund additional heavy equipment theft prevention and investigation efforts in their state. If you know a law enforcement officer deserving of this award, please consider submitting a nomination here. The nomination deadline is Dec. 1.

Have a safe and successful month.

Drew Dancer, ARA of Idaho president
JAG Tool & Equipment Rental
Nampa, Idaho