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Oshkosh Corp. invests in AI company Eatron Technologies

By Stephen Elliott

March 3, 2024

Oshkosh Corp.Oshkosh Corp. invests in Eatron Technologies, Oshkosh, Wis., has invested in Eatron® Technologies, Warwick, United Kingdom, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) powered Battery Management Software (BMS). Oshkosh’s investment in Eatron supports its vision to leverage advanced analytics and predictive modeling for lithium-ion batteries to manage its wide range of electric vehicles.

“The investment in Eatron Technologies is part of our broader strategy to collaborate with advanced technology companies to accelerate bringing best in class innovation to our customers,” said John Pfeifer, president and CEO, Oshkosh Corp. “AI-enabled BMS aligns to our electrification and advanced analytics focus areas. It will bring enhanced safety and continuous performance optimization to our EV product line.”

Eatron is developing smarter battery management technology by implementing an intelligent software layer on top of existing battery control platforms that can be hosted on the cloud or on the edge. Its BMS combines models of the battery with AI and advanced estimation methods, to ensure accurate and reliable predictions about the battery’s state, health and operation.

“Funding from Oshkosh Corp. will enable Eatron to develop and deploy new embedded and cloud-based features for our unique software platform. The world is increasingly moving towards software-defined vehicles and batteries, and we are at the forefront of offering intelligent software solutions to speed up this transformation,” said Dr. Umut Genc, founder and CEO of Eatron.