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MiniTrencher battery-powered division and new attachments

By Stephen Elliott

November 5, 2023

MiniTrencherMiniTrencher battery power, Vancouver, Wash., is introducing a new electric battery-powered division and unveiling its redesigned flagship product, the GeoRipper.

In April 2023, MiniTrencher bought the company SiBore Drill and added the horizontal auger and microbore to its product offerings. The SiBore Drill is a portable horizontal auger that digs underneath concrete, asphalt or any other hard material, and is designed not to break the surface.

MiniTrencher has a new division of battery-powered equipment that includes the SiBore Drill electric models GeoRipper® T/A MX Series and GeoRipper e/B. The GeoRipper e/B utilizes a Greenworks or Makita XGT electric battery motor. The GeoRipper e/B includes a battery-powered motor, battery and charger, as well as MiniTrenchers’ digging chains, bars and accessories.

MiniTrencher also has a SiBore/GeoRipper combo pack. Any SiBore Drill electric model can be paired with the GeoRipper e/B minitrencher utilizing the same motor.
MiniTrencher also has redesigned its core product, The GeoRipper, to include its own in-house powerhead platform.