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MCS Rental Software partners with CardPointe and Clover

By Stephen Elliott

December 3, 2023

MCS Rental SoftwareMCS Rental Software partnership, Birmingham, Ala., is partnering with CardPointe and Clover. With this integration, renters now can take advantage of CardPointe’s payment integration within the MCS-rm rental software. This means rental businesses can accept card payments quickly and securely from customers, simplifying payment collection and enhancing cash flow, the company says.

“In the ever-evolving rental industry, it is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the game and offer innovative solutions. Our partnership with CardPointe and Clover allows us to provide our customers with cutting-edge functionality that enhances their operations and improves customer satisfaction,” said Josh Lewis, president, MCS Rental Software.

The integration with Clover Connect is designed to ensure that payment details are stored securely. MCS Rental Software customers can accept various card payments, enhancing convenience for their clients. In addition, according to Lewis, the integration protects against fraud, employing advanced security measures to minimize potential risks.

Looking ahead, MCS Rental Software plans to enhance the functionality of the integration further. In the coming months, MCS users will be able to request credit card information through a secure link, eliminating the need to write down credit card details. Invoices will include this feature, allowing customers to pay directly through the provided link.

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