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Equipment Depot expands Movu Robotics partnership

By Brock Huffstutler

March 17, 2024

Equipment Depot, Houston, is growing its EQSOLUTIONS™ division capabilities by partnering with Movu Robotics, a warehouse automation brand, to provide robotic technology.

“As Equipment Depot advances its overall product and service offerings, the collaboration with Movu’s innovative plug-and-play automation technologies is a perfect fit,” said Marc Terwilliger, vice president of EQSOLUTIONS. “Together, we are setting new standards in warehouse efficiency by providing a competitive edge to businesses looking to leverage integrated warehouse solutions and modern innovation.”

Robots and autonomous vehicles, such as autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), streamline tasks like picking and transportation within warehouses, with the goal of increasing operational agility. The Gartner Inc. research group predicts that by 2028, 75 percent of large enterprises will adopt some form of intralogistics smart robots — robots that orchestrate and perform work within the four walls of a site and can be mobile or stationary, operating autonomously or collaboratively with humans or other robots.

“Our solutions are designed to make warehouse automation and robotics not only more accessible but also more scalable. Teaming up with Equipment Depot allows us to amplify our impact and deliver accessible plug-and-play robotics solutions with an expert end-to-end full-service integration,” said Stefan Pieters, CEO, Movu Robotics.

Equipment Depot said that as EQSOLUTIONS draws from its systems integration knowledge and the company’s material handling experience, the division helps design solutions that improve throughput, enhance efficiency and reduce costs. “Our strong partner relationships provide priority-level attention for all warehouse projects,” Terwilliger said.