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Ri$k Happens: There can be regret when you forget

By Mary Ann Gormly, loss analyst, ARA Insurance

February 16, 2023

Risk Happens insurance claim formWe all get busy at different points throughout the year, and it is easy to let things fall through the cracks. Some things are more important than others and garner more attention than others. 

Other things probably need to be handled in a timely manner. Reporting claims to your insurance company might be one of those things. Information needs to be gathered, often police reports need to be filed and statements need to be taken. 

One rental store was very busy, and two incidents did not get reported to their insurance company for more than a year. One involved a piece of equipment that was damaged in an auto accident and the other was a piece of equipment that was damaged by a customer. 

When they were finally sent in, employees who had the information were no longer working there, police reports had not been filed, rental contracts were not in the file and had been misplaced, and other important information and documentation were missing. 

The adjusters for the insurance company will do the best they can to piece together vague and missing information. Remember to report incidents as soon as possible while the information is fresh in everyone’s minds and the documentation is available.

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