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Ri$k Happens: Lock it up

By ARA Insurance

December 20, 2022

The employees locked the gate as they left work on Friday evening and everything was secured. When they came in Monday, they found an auger and a generator sitting in the parking lot. The manager called the owner and asked if he had them out for a reason and the owner said he did not — he had not been in the store over the weekend. The manager went inside and noticed items disturbed and shelves partially empty. As he looked more closely, he discovered a second generator, power tools, chain saws and drills were missing. 

When the police arrived, they walked around the property and found the lock on the front gate missing. It appeared an unknown person cut the lock, backed their truck up to the door and took any items they could. When asked how entry was made into the building, the owner indicated the thieves probably came in through the front door since it was not locked. He stated they typically do not lock it since the entire yard is fenced and secured. They thought it was safe. 

Consider putting as many barriers as possible between your property and would-be thieves. 

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