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Ri$k Happens: On the verge of a merge

By Mary Ann Gormly, loss analyst, ARA Insurance

May 26, 2024

Two vehicles were merging onto the highway from the entrance ramp. The second car decided to move over before the truck in front of them did and then started to pass the truck in front.

The truck, not realizing the car behind them was moving up merged onto the highway. The car was in their blind spot, and they didn’t expect the car to do that, so they merged into what they thought was a space with enough room for their truck. The two vehicles collided, and the passenger side mirror broke off the car.

A claim was reported to insurance companies for both vehicles. There wasn’t any damage to the truck other than a few scuff marks that were buffed out. There was minimal damage to the car that had attempted to accelerate past the truck.

The claim will be reviewed and paid according to the language in the insurance policy.

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