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Rental Software Series: TapGoods

By Steve Campbell

October 31, 2023

The exact number of companies that offer equipment and event rental-specific software changes as companies enter and exit the market, but today there are more than 30 companies to choose from.

To help readers navigate through the variety of options when it comes to equipment and event rental-specific software, Rental Management is producing this Rental Software Series, which will provide profiles of software suppliers on a regular basis. This month, we profile TapGoods, Dallas.

Company location(s): Dallas

Number of employees: 55

Year the company was founded: 2015

Founder: Doug Levy

Current software products available: TapGoods PRO, TapGoods Storefront and Reventals

Target customers: Equipment and event rental companies

What makes your product “rental-specific”? “Countless features in TapGoods are fine-tuned for rentals, including powerful and user-friendly online tools for inventory scheduling, maintenance, time-based pricing, automated billing, triggered emails, rental reports and rental-specific ecommerce,” says Doug Levy, CEO.

How does your product make a rental company more efficient? “Things that used to take a lot of manual effort are automated as companies move into TapGoods. No longer does every operational detail need to be in the heads of its managers, freeing them to work on — not just in — their businesses. Our secret sauce is very powerful, equally user-friendly and highly configurable online software,” Levy says. “By including EVERY aspect of a rental company’s business, including customers, inventory, services, orders, suborders, legal, payments, accounting, tax, warehouse, routing, staffing, reporting, marketing, ecommerce and more — all in a smart and exceptionally user-friendly system — the difference that TapGoods customers feel in the efficiency of their operations is astounding,” says Candace Leak, chief commercial officer.

What is your most-used new feature available with your software package? “Sales is talking about our new custom proposals and secondary order functionality. Operations loves our routing updates that allow for seamless truck assignments and multi-day views of routes and orders. Accounting raves about our variable tax, general ledger mapping, and terms and statement functionality. And, our Power BI integration is a hit with all departments,” says Levy. Currently, how many rental companies use your software?: “TapGoods’ customer base is growing quickly and includes hundreds — soon thousands — of leading rental companies,” says Levy.

What percentage of your total customers are equipment and event rental companies? 100 percent.

Why should a rental company choose your software? “TapGoods offers the robustness of legacy software providers with much greater ease of use. You don’t have to sacrifice features to gain the advantage of modern convenience, including access from any web-connected device. Also, of course, with TapGoods, there is no need to locally host your system or worry about backups or security. Compared with other online systems, TapGoods offers more functionality, such that it’s the optimal solution for mid-size, large or growing rental companies. For example, TapGoods offers comprehensive multi-location support, inventory serialization, GPS, POS devices, customizable permission levels, automatic tax lookup, general ledger connection to any accounting system, Power BI reporting, and functionality for terms and statements. TapGoods has uniquely strong e-commerce functionality. And unlike other software companies, TapGoods brings new revenue to our clients via our marketplace. We hear from customers that have come to TapGoods from other solutions that we, unlike their prior partner, listen to and understand their needs and constantly innovate,” says Aaron Hanel, head of sales.

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