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PSG-United Rentals collaboration brings safety management solution to market

By Brock Huffstutler

March 10, 2024

The PSG Mac-Link

The PSG Mac-Link

Portable Solutions Group (PSG), Wurtland, Ky., a modular solution provider that designs and manufactures custom shipping container modifications, has launched its newest product offering, the MAC-Link ™. The company described the product as a significant and revolutionary advancement in construction turnstiles and safety management.

PSG partnered with United Rentals, Stamford, Conn., to deliver the site access solution to its customer base. By enabling data capture and real-time reporting for workers on the site, the construction industry’s digital transformation is now more accessible than ever before, the company said.

PSG has been in the modular security sector for more than two decades, offering its patented turnstile and gate arm solutions. The company said the MAC-Link represents the evolution of its Modular Access Control (MAC) product line, bridging the gap between large-scale infrastructure projects and smaller, city-oriented construction sites.

“We are excited to work with the PSG team and help bring an innovation to our customers that seamlessly connects people, equipment and data,” said David Scott, senior vice president, specialty operations, United Rentals. “The MAC-Link solution is pivotal for our customers and the future of worksite safety.”

PSG Modular Access Control Solution

PSG Modular Access Control Solution

The MAC-Link features a minimal footprint of 36 sq. ft. Crafted from materials such as a galvanized steel frame, poly metal exterior and grated floor, the unit is described as offering durability while remaining lightweight for easy deployment in metropolitan areas.

PSG and United Rentals listed the MAC-Link’s seamless connectivity as its unique attribute, allowing the linking of multiple units on site to accommodate changing project phases. Through a simple daisy chain electrical/data line connection and an all-thread bolt mechanical connection at the base, the MAC-Link can be configured to meet the requirements of any construction site, the companies said.

“United Rentals shares in our commitment to pursue continuous innovation that helps drive safe and productive worksites,” said Robert Slagel, president and CEO, PSG. “The MAC-Link is an innovative offering for job-site safety management and through our partnership with United Rentals, we can deliver an important solution to help customers maximize performance and streamline productivity.”

The MAC-Link is set to debut in Q2 2024.