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Rental Software Series: Eqpme

By Steve Campbell

October 4, 2023

The exact number of companies that offer equipment and event rental-specific software changes as companies enter and exit the market, but today there are more than 30 companies to choose from.

To help readers navigate through the variety of options when it comes to equipment and event rental-specific software, Rental Management is producing this Rental Software Series, which will provide profiles of software suppliers on a regular basis. This month, we profile Eqpme, Toronto and Naples, Fla.

Company name: Eqpme

Company location(s): Toronto and Naples, Fla.

Number of employees: 5 to 10

Year the company was founded: 2020

Founder(s): Alex Mascarin and Stephan Peralta

Current software products available: Eqpme Storefronts (Essentials, Advanced & Business Pro)

Target customers: Independent equipment rental businesses

What makes your product “rental-specific”?: “Eqpme originally began as an online rental marketplace with the sole purpose of serving equipment rental businesses globally by minimizing revenue loss due to collections. We’ve stayed true to our roots, and have evolved our offering to focus on enabling these businesses further with technology that would typically only be reserved for the larger rental companies,” says Anton Savytski, vice president (North America), Eqpme.

What do you believe are three key reasons an equipment or event rental company should be using rental-specific software?: “Number one: Compared to an alternative, using a rental-specific software lowers your total cost of ownership since it cuts out the need to build out and maintain a nonrental solution. It’s ready to go out-of-the-box. Number two: Easy-to-use tech allows rental businesses to focus on what sets them apart most from their competition, which is their customer service. Number three: Rental-specific software is built from the ground up with data structures and workflows specific to how rental businesses operate. As the rental industry evolves, so does your software, which complements your growth,” says Stephan Peralta, chief product officer, Eqpme.

How does your product make a rental company more efficient?: “Where Eqpme shines is in its ability to give you an online store where you can automate the entire rental process from the moment your renter is on it, to secure payment collection, identity verification (in-app), electronic signature and booking. This not only frees up time for your rental and sales managers to focus on other deals and relationships, but ensures you’re not following up on payment and credit applications. In an industry where your chances of losing a rental deal increases by approximately 80 percent if you take more than five minutes to respond back to a potential customer, Eqpme aims to make sure you don’t lose out on this revenue and keeps you competitive,” Savytski says.

Currently, how many rental companies use your software?: “More than 100 rental businesses and divisions across North America,” says Savytski.

What is your most-used new feature available with your software package?: “Our latest release of identity verification has been a game changer for our customers. Collecting as many data points to validate the identity of a customer has never been more crucial, especially with the cost of equipment rising,” Peralta says

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