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Reel them in with ARA’s Job Portal, says ARA of Arkansas president

By Kerrigan Ambers

October 10, 2023

Kerrigan Ambers

Kerrigan Ambers

Hello, American Rental Association (ARA) members in Region Four. October is Careers in Construction Month. This month provides an opportunity to celebrate the diverse and rewarding career opportunities available in the construction rental field. If you know of someone considering a career change, exploring options for their future or just curious about the world of construction rental, here are a few selling points that might help to reel them in closer.

  • Careers in construction rental matter: Construction is the backbone of our modern world. The rental professionals in this field play a pivotal role in improving our quality of life.
  • Construction rental offers diverse career paths: Off the top of my head, I can think of at least 14 different career paths, from equipment rental manager or dispatcher to inventory controller or business development manager.
  • The field offers so many benefits: There is job security, competitive salaries, opportunities for advancement, variety — as no two days are the same — and contributing to society by providing the assets needed to build the infrastructure that supports communities.

This month is an excellent time to explore the numerous opportunities this dynamic industry has to offer. Whether you know someone drawn to trucking, selling or hands-on craftsmanship, there’s a construction rental career that can fulfill their aspirations. Be sure to take advantage of your five free job postings through the ARA Job Portal.

While this month focuses on construction rental, the same can be said for those in event rental. Event rental matters just as much as construction rental. There are diverse career paths and so many benefits. Both sides of the rental aisle can use talented people. Let’s use all the resources ARA has available to help attract people to our industry.

Some members who attended the ARA of Arkansas event in Little Rock

Some members who attended the ARA of Arkansas event in Little Rock

I want to offer a thank you to the many rental operators who took part in my state chapter’s Leaders Table events Sept. 11 in Rogers and Sept. 12 in Little Rock. We had a great time and left with all kinds of ideas to engage members within our state. Stay tuned for more details.

Two Arkansas members with ARA of Arkansas President Kerrigan Ambers, center, at the state chapter's event in Rogers

Two Arkansas members with ARA of Arkansas President Kerrigan Ambers, center, at the state chapter’s event in Rogers

Other state chapters in the region are doing the same. The Texas Rental Association and the ARA of Louisiana have combined forces to offer a fishing tournament Oct. 20. It should be a great time. We’ll see who ends up with the best fish story and bragging rights. In addition, the ARA of Oklahoma is offering a fun event Nov. 9 at Chicken N Pickle in Oklahoma City. There will be so much going on, plus delicious food. All rental operators in Oklahoma, Kansas and my state of Arkansas are invited to take part. It will be a great way to socialize with others in the industry. For more information or to register for any of these events, go to the Calendar of Events at

Another big event coming up is The ARA Show™ in New Orleans Feb. 18-21, with EventsU happening Feb. 17. Show registration opens Oct. 17, so watch for details. This is an event you won’t want to miss.

I also would like to thank all of you who recently approved the nominees who will join the ARA Board of Directors next year. As a member-driven association, it’s important that we take part in this process each year. Robert H. Pedersen from A Tool Shed in Santa Cruz, Calif., will become ARA president-elect and Marti Wenzler of Chicago-headquartered Lawson Products will become an ARA associate member director next spring. Please join me in welcoming them and the others who will comprise our association’s leadership team.

Another industry positive is the lineup of very impressive young professionals who were profiled in the “12 to Watch Under 40” article that appeared in the August/September issue of Rental Management. For our region, Darren Randle, CERP, founder and president of Houston Tents & Events, was so honored. Learn more about Darren in this issue. Congrats to him and the others who were recognized.

In this issue you also will learn about Rental Management’s Rental Software Series. Discover what equipment and event rental-specific software is available to us and how that software can help our businesses.

As I close, I just want to remind everyone to use all the resources available to attract talented individuals to our businesses. I know we all could use the help.

Here’s to a great fall.

Kerrigan Ambers, ARA of Arkansas president
United Rentals
Rogers, Ark.