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Boost your customer service with telephone skills coaching

By Connie Lannan

June 9, 2023

For many rental operations, summer is prime rental time. Phones can ring off the hook with current and prospective customers who want to book or clarify their rental. This is when your operation has to shine, especially when it comes to customer interactions over the phone. A bad phone interaction can make or break a rental.

To help ensure your staff is in top shape with their telephone skills, take advantage of Listenforce, an American Rental Association (ARA) partner that trains and coaches your team in developing the core skill sets of connecting, listening, acknowledging, recommending and closing the rental.

By using advanced artificial intelligence software, Listenforce can evaluate calls, provide detailed indicators of performance and coach your team to meet their goals. ARA members who use this program receive:

  • Secret shopper calls (up to five per location).
  • Call samples and coachable calls reports.
  • Skills analysis and training.
  • Educational and reference materials that are housed on ARA’s RentalU educational platform for easy member access.

All ARA members are eligible for a free call analysis. After the initial consultation, members may receive the in-depth sales training at a 20 percent discount.

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