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Trystar completes pair of acquisitions

By Brock Huffstutler

February 11, 2024

Trystar, Faribault, Minn. — a designer and manufacturer of portable and industrial power products — recently acquired Canada-based Primax Technologies and Wisconsin-based Macromatic Industrial Controls.

Primax Technologies acquisition. Headquartered in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada, Primax Technologies produces utility and industrial-grade AC and DC uninterruptible power systems, DC-to-AC inverters, AC-to-DC rectifiers, and AC and DC distribution panels leveraging lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium, and lead-acid batteries and related technology.

“The acquisition of Primax complements Trystar’s portfolio of high-quality electrical power solutions with additional capabilities for utility and industrial customers,” said Trystar CEO A.J. Smith. “It advances our capabilities for utility substations and industrial battery system solutions, which are increasingly critical to power reliability, uptime and resilience. Batteries and battery technologies are central to electrical power resiliency solutions and important to carbon-free energy systems. For example, they can facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources like wind and solar by smoothing out their intermittent nature. They can store excess energy during periods of high renewable generation and release it when needed. Battery-based system solutions can also contribute to peak shaving applications or grid stability by allowing substations to continue powering protective devices, relays, transfer switches, breakers, fans, and other devices. And like Trystar, Primax creates custom solutions that match customers’ exacting needs for their resiliency solutions.”

Primax was founded in 1993, and has 61 employees consisting of design and manufacturing engineers, managers, and specialists covering sales, marketing and administration.

“Primax is excited to join with Trystar to bring its customers high-quality, high-performance AC and DC backup solutions,” said Haissam Nasrat, Primax Technologies president. “And with automation being the new normal, Trystar can also provide its customers with battery-driven monitoring and communication solutions to expand the reach of trained, technical personnel. Trystar will also gain expanded access to our strong utility and industrial customer base in Canada, where it can offer a variety of compelling solutions. Finally, Trystar’s culture complements our own with its keen focus on customer relationship-driven innovation and its reputation for product customization. Primax and Trystar customers can continue benefiting from our mutual approach to flexibility and our keen focus on solutions.”

Macromatic Industrial Controls acquisition. Headquartered in Waukesha, Wis., Macromatic Industrial Controls engineers and manufactures industrial controls, monitoring and protection products designed to maintain productivity. The company’s relays make data available for continuous monitoring, real-time alerts and troubleshooting in smart connected control systems.

“The acquisition of Macromatic supports Trystar’s mission to help customers maximize uptime,” said Trystar’s Smith. “Traditionally, we have accomplished this by enhancing power control, reliability, quality, and continuity through docking stations, power conditioners, UPS and other power infrastructure solutions. With the acquisition of Macromatic, we are adding to the monitoring capabilities brought to us through the Cyber Sciences acquisition in mid-2023 and increasing our focus on the uptime and productivity of our customers’ operations. Macromatic designs and manufactures monitoring, control, timing, and condition-sensing electronic relays and other devices that keep an operation running smoothly, efficiently and safely. In effect, Trystar is helping customers optimize productivity by helping them manage power at the infrastructure and operational levels. Also, Macromatic’s business philosophy aligns with that of Trystar. We both take pride in short lead times, customization, flexible product design and exceptional customer support.”

Macromatic  was founded in 1975 and is managed by Steve Sundlov, its president and CEO. It has 37 employees consisting of design and manufacturing engineers, administrative and production staff, and regional sales managers.

“Macromatic is excited to become part of Trystar,” Sundlov said. “Our customer base can continue to expect the same dedication to high-quality, engineered solutions and the resolution of electrical challenges through customization and superior technical support. We also look forward to helping Trystar leverage our access to several new markets. Further, we believe our product portfolio complements Trystar’s because we both recognize the need to incorporate intelligence into our devices so they can contribute to ensuring reliability and uptime. Our aggregate product portfolio will strengthen the reach and viability of the combined organization.”