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See who from Region Four was honored at the show

By Connie Lannan

March 14, 2024

Three rental leaders — Byron Alleman, retired owner of Lafayette Rental Service, Lafayette, La.; Scott Pevey, senior manager, Ditch Witch, Perry, Okla.; and Jennifer Rodriguez, CERP, general manager, Marianne’s Rentals, Oklahoma City — were honored during The ARA Show™ in New Orleans in February.

Industry Ambassador Award: Byron Alleman

Byron Alleman, second from right, receives the Industry Ambassador Award at The ARA Show™.

Byron Alleman, second from right, receives the Industry Ambassador Award at The ARA Show™.

This award, which recognizes an individual who has demonstrated long-term leadership and service to the association at the national, state, local or provincial levels, was presented to Alleman on Sunday, Feb. 18, during the ARA Industry Awards Lunch that was sponsored by Ditch Witch, SANY America and Trime US.

During his career, Alleman was a tireless ambassador for the equipment rental industry in the state of Louisiana. He spent two decades of service on the ARA of Louisiana chapter’s board of directors, including multiple terms in the roles of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. For more about his service, click here.

When Alleman was first told about receiving this award, he was surprised. “I didn’t do anything special or anything more than what several other people did. There were many people who helped me carry it through. It wasn’t just me by any means, but I appreciate the recognition,” he says.

All those years of service to the ARA of Louisiana were more a labor of love. “I received a lot more from it than what I gave — all the connections with people, all the conversations, all the things you wind up talking about together with your fellow industry leaders, all the learning you receive regarding advice on running your business and things like that. I was able to connect with industry leaders, exchange ideas and learn from them,” he says.

He encourages other rental operators to get involved because “both the state and national associations need our input. It is giving back to the industry. The biggest reward is as you give to the industry, it gives back to you in the things you exchange with other people. You learn from them and share what you know, which might help someone else in the industry,” he says.

Exemplary Service Award: Scott Pevey

Scott Pevey, second from right, received the Exemplary Service Award at the show.

Scott Pevey, second from right, received the Exemplary Service Award at the show.

This award, which recognizes an individual or group that has made a significant contribution in a defined area of association service (such as government affairs, education, technology or workforce development), was presented to Pevey during the ARA Industry Awards Lunch.

Pevey has served the equipment rental industry in a number of roles. He was a member of the ARA Board of Directors in the role of associate member director from 2021–2023. From 2018–2020, Pevey served on the ARA Foundation Board of Trustees. During his term, he brought the idea of the Community Impact Program to the Foundation board and was instrumental in developing the partnership between the ARA Foundation and The Toro Company Foundation to implement the program. Pevey also has helped guide the direction of The ARA Show as a member of its Exhibitor Advisory Council, serving in 2012, from 2016–2018 and during 2021–2022 while a member of the ARA Board of Directors. For more about his service to the industry, click here.

When Pevey learned he was going to be recognized with this award, he was elated. “It is such an honor to work with the ARA and all the people I have worked with for a long time. I have gotten to know so many. I was thrilled and very appreciative as well as honored that they would think of me for this award. It is great,” he says.

Volunteering is a way for Pevey to honor the Ditch Witch legacy and satisfy a personal need to give back.

“The show in New Orleans was the 64th one we [Ditch Witch] have been part of — we missed the first three. Our founder, Ed Malzahn, launched and built the Ditch Witch brand rental store partnership. There are a lot of people who came before me who worked hard to support ARA. I always felt that I wanted to do my part because ARA and rental were so important to the beginning of our brand. In addition, I am really passionate about giving back. I love the association and the people. I have never met a person affiliated with ARA who I didn’t like. What has mattered to me the most has been getting to know and working with people I admire very much and contributing to projects I found very rewarding,” he says.

Because of that, he strongly encourages others to get involved as he knows they will “No. 1 love the people and No. 2 enjoy the work they will do. It is very rewarding,” he says.

Pevey has enjoyed volunteering so much that he has no plans to stop. “The whole experience with ARA has been very positive. That is why I will keep volunteering as long as they will let me,” he says.

Leadership Impact Award for Region Four: Jennifer Rodriguez, CERP

Jennifer Rodriguez, CERP, left, received the Leadership Impact Award from Angela Nussel, CERP, ARA Region Four director.

Jennifer Rodriguez, CERP, left, received the Leadership Impact Award from Angela Nussel, CERP, ARA Region Four director.

Rodriguez, who also serves as the secretary on the ARA of Oklahoma board, received this honor for her leadership that benefited the state and its members over the past year. She was presented the award during the Feb. 19 Regional Receptions, which were sponsored by Barreto Manufacturing, Ditch Witch, ERC Provider, Point of Rental Software, RubbleCrusher, Sullair – a Hitachi Global Air Power Brand, and Trackunit.

Upon learning she would receive this award, Rodriguez says she was “surprised,” adding that she felt she had just been doing “what I was supposed to be doing as a volunteer on the ARA of Oklahoma board.”

Rodriguez confesses that “it felt nice to know that the organization [ARA] that works so hard for us also makes sure they validate the people who are volunteering. That they are paying attention to that felt good,” she says.

Volunteering offers so many pluses, Rodriguez says. “I benefit from the relationships, the networking and the community that comes from that. What I am exposed to and surrounded by is 10 times what I am giving,” she says.

That sense of community has been extremely beneficial, Rodriguez adds. “It helps your ability to think differently when you have colleagues to talk with and have positive relationships in the community. It makes us all better,” she says.

Rodriguez encourages others to become involved as a way to help themselves, their local rental community and their customers. “The local contacts and community you get from what you build and cultivate help you run a good, healthy business. That benefits you exponentially in ways you can’t even think about. Plus, when everyone [in the rental community] is growing and improving together, it helps everyone be better. That affects your clients and helps the market overall. We all decided to be rental companies. It is important to take care of that rental community so it is always there,” she says.