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Safety poster: The most frequent and severe insurance claims

By ARA Insurance

January 18, 2023

Safety poster

Click the image above to download and print the poster.

The most frequent claims reported to ARA Insurance in 2022: 

Auto Liability Property Damage  

  • Property Damage falls under liability coverage. Claims for Auto Liability/Property Damage is property damage caused to a third party — such as damages to the other vehicle(s), fences, buildings, etc.

Auto – Collision (First party damages) 

  • Damages caused to your vehicle and physical damage caused in an accident. 

Inland Marine – Theft/burglary/robbery 

  • Equipment stolen from a location or theft of services/conversion. 
Tips to avoiding an auto claim 

Drive defensively  

  • Allow the appropriate amount of time to get to your destination. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to road conditions. 
  • Remove all unnecessary distractions — including cellphones. 

Know your load  

  • The heavier your load means the longer it will take to stop. 
  • Properly secure a load — never overload your vehicle. 
  • Make sure your vision is not blocked or compromised. 

Take steps to be proactive  

  • Maintain all vehicles in your fleet. 
  • Have a written safety program in place — including a cellphone usage policy. Review the program with all drivers. A sample document is available through ARA Insurance. 
  • Send a second employee on deliveries when available — they can assist in giving directions, answering calls and help direct the driver while they are backing. 
  • Do not rely on a customer or bystander to direct you while backing if it can be avoided. 
Tips to avoiding a theft claim 

On premises theft  

  • Secure the facility — fencing, alarm systems, camera surveillance and overnight lights can help deter potential thieves. 
  • Ensure all keys are removed from equipment that is kept outdoors. 
  • Chain lighter, easily stolen equipment to the building. 
  • Utilize wheel locks on larger equipment. 
  • If possible, install tracking devices on larger, more expensive pieces of equipment. 
  • Register equipment with National Equipment Register (NER). 

During the rental process  

  • Check the renter’s photo identification carefully and keep a record of the vehicle description and license plate number of their vehicle. 
  • Make sure that the renter understands that they are responsible for the equipment while it is in their possession on rent. 
  • Never drop equipment off at a site (unattended) and leave it there. Always deliver it to a person and have them sign off on the delivery. 

Source: ARA Insurance