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Ri$k Happens: When the fast make you furious

By Angela Cady, AIC – Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

March 3, 2024

The rental store driver was on his way to make a delivery one sunny afternoon. Traffic was fairly light. The driver anticipated being a little early for the delivery. He saw a light change to yellow ahead and slowed to a stop.

As he waited for the light to turn green, the driver watched the other drivers as one does. He noticed a green car flying down the road on the cross street. He decided he was thankful he was not in the path of that reckless driver. He groaned when he saw the fast car’s driver attempt a turn at the intersection at the last minute. The car missed its turn by a mile and plowed into the rental truck which had been waiting patiently at the light.

The driver could only watch in shock as the green car’s driver dove out of the smashed up remains of the car and took off on foot. These things were only supposed to happen on TV! He tried to note as many details as he could. The police arrived moments later. They had been chasing the green car.

Thankfully, the rental store driver was not seriously injured. He followed his company’s accident reporting procedure. The rental store then turned in the claim to their insurance to handle the damage to their truck. The claim will be handled according to the policy language and all avenues of recovery pursued.

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