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Ri$k Happens: Collision collateral

By Mary Ann Gormly, loss analyst, ARA Insurance

September 3, 2023

Ri$k HappensThe driver for the rental store was on his way back to the office after a delivery. He had been traveling on a roadway for quite some time. It was a long and straight highway. Multiple roadways crossed the two-lane highway at regular intervals. Each of the roadways had stop signs so the drivers did not enter the highway where vehicles were traveling up to the posted limit of 65 mph.

As the driver came upon one roadway, he saw a car approaching the highway on the left. The dashcam in the rental store’s truck showed the vehicle did not even slow down and pulled onto the highway right into the delivery truck.

The collision was so forceful that the sunglasses the rental store employee was wearing were knocked from his face.
There was nothing the driver could have done to prevent the accident. The other vehicle pulled into the truck from the side street without warning. The driver had his seatbelt on and had his eyes on the road. He was driving just under the speed limit.

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