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Rental Software Series: DynaRent/DealerSoft

By Steve Campbell

April 3, 2024

The exact number of companies that offer equipment and event rental-specific software changes as companies enter and exit the market, but today there are more than 40 companies to choose from.

To help readers navigate through the variety of options when it comes to equipment and event rental-specific software, Rental Management is producing this Rental Software Series, which will provide profiles of software suppliers on a regular basis. This month, we profile DynaRent/DealerSoft, Santa Ana, Calif.

Company name: DynaRent/DealerSoft

Company location: Santa Ana, Calif.

Number of employees: Five

Year the company was founded: 2014

Founder: Doug Potter

Current software products available: DynaRent and DealerSoft

Target customers: Rental companies and equipment dealers that provide rental services for construction, heavy equipment, scaffolding and shoring, staging and production, portable toilets and oil fields.

What makes your product “rental-specific”?: “The rental industry is broken up into different subindustries, each with some completely unique needs. DynaRent contains features specifically designed for several of these subindustries. A few examples would be construction tools, heavy equipment and equipment deals. For construction tools, DynaRent handles walk-in traffic at a rental store providing fast check-out and both sales and rentals on the same order. With heavy equipment, rental companies have equipment with hour meters that may cause additional charges for excess usage when the equipment is returned. Finally equipment dealers must have the ability to sell parts and provide repair services for their customers,” says Doug Potter, president, DynaRent/DealerSoft.

What do you believe are three key reasons an equipment or event rental company should be using rental-specific software?: “First, it does everything they need. Second, it has a reasonable price tag. Third, it runs on the web because so much activity takes place in the field such  as repairs, swap-outs, early returns, etc.” Potter says.

How does your product make a rental company more efficient?: “Typically, we’re replacing two or three packages with one: DynaRent,” Potter says.

What is your most-used new feature available with your software package?: “The flexibility of making all manner of different changes to a rental order after the order is started. For example, you can return some items early, add items later and swap out anything that needs repairing,” Potter says.

What is the estimated training time needed for a new rental company employee to effectively learn how to use your software?: Three to six weeks, according to Potter.

Currently, how many rental companies use your software?: “DynaRent runs on a web-based software platform called Acumatica which has about 15,000 businesses using it. About 1 percent of those are rental businesses,” Potter says.

Why should a rental company choose your software?: “Because it does everything on one platform, and it eliminates excessive dependence on spreadsheets. One new customer told us recently that before DynaRent, they had an expression that anytime an employee identified a problem, ‘We have a spreadsheet for that!’” Potter says.

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