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Adam Sneed and Carson Sneed, CERP — Rental Management's 2023 '12 to Watch Under 40'

By Brock Huffstutler

August 23, 2023

Adam and Carson Sneed, CERP

Adam Sneed, 35, and Carson Sneed, CERP, 32, have been involved in equipment rental since their youths through Big Sky Rents, Kalispell, Mont., their family’s business that was a Rental Management Market Mover in 2022. The business was acquired by Sunbelt Rentals in February 2023, and today the brothers serve as operations manager and profit center manager, respectively, for the location.

Adam recalls a childhood incident that led to a lifelong fascination with rental equipment. “When I was 10, a customer needed a cutoff saw and a tank of gas. I grabbed the saw and what I thought was the proper gas. The customer came back with a blown-up saw because I had given him straight gas instead of mixed. My dad said, ‘You better fix it.’ I ordered the parts and rebuilt the motor. At that point, something just hooked me in,” he says.

Carson’s rental entry point was the experience of attending The ARA Show™. “My parents took us to the shows, and I was always amazed,” he says. “I could engage in a conversation with someone from another company on the same issues we all deal with and get insights on what works for them and why. I liked talking to owners that had multiple locations and produced massive amounts of income. I set that as my goal — to one day be on their side of the table in that same conversation with an up-and-coming owner.”

Adam and Carson have unique takes on what they each like best about the rental business. For Adam, it’s the notion of “making money while I sleep. I worked excavation for a few years and my dad said, ‘Yeah, you’re making good money, but your butt has to be in a machine. My machines are making money and I’m not in them!” For Carson, it’s the diversity. “One would think every day would be the same, but it’s not,” he says. “I like the challenge of not knowing what’s around the corner.”

While these perspectives differ, the brothers — who for a time also owned a rental business in Virginia — are in sync with what they consider to be their key career accomplishments so far: “Green-starting two rental stores, and selling one and auctioning the other,” Adam says, with Carson adding that it was a big deal for them “to have a green-start store turn into a $9 million-plus-a-year rental center in five years.”

For both, involvement in ARA also has been critical to their career development. “I have built great friendships through ARA that will last forever,” Adam says. “Being chosen by ARA to travel to Australia for the International Rental Business Leadership Program was a game-changer — such a great opportunity for anyone that has the chance.” Carson was elected to the ARA of Montana board of directors in 2022 and says, “I just accepted an offer to join ARA’s Young Professionals Committee as well. The people and contacts that we have made through ARA have been amazing.”