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Engagement benefits you

Jeff Jackson, ARA of Colorado president, here. I understand how hard it is for folks to step away for a state chapter meeting or social. It can be one more thing to put on the to-do list, but there are real benefits to be gained — personally and professionally — by taking part.

Always learning, adapting, growing — that’s the Target Rental way

All through college, Jim Duke worked as a plumber, so he didn’t have much experience in rental when he joined his father’s operation, Target Rental, with headquarters in Durango, Colo., in 1998. He learned, adapted and, now as president, has overseen the operation’s tremendous growth — earning it the recognition of being a Rental Management Market Mover in the June/July 2023 issue of the magazine.  

Andrew Heesacker, your regional director, talks about strengthening your operation

Hello, American Rental Association (ARA) Region Seven members. We have had a very busy summer. I hope you can say the same. I love a busy rental operation — all the interaction between our staff and customers. That is so satisfying. One interaction I would love to stop is that of thieves trying to disrupt our businesses. Burglary is huge. So is cybertheft. Our operation has dealt with both.

ARA Region Seven director talks equipment theft

Hello, American Rental Association (ARA) Region Seven members. During this busy rental season, we all have to remember to pay extra attention to theft and, in particular, the prevention of it at our facilities, at job sites and through conversion. Thieves continue to up their game. As a matter of fact, operations on the Front Range have recently seen an increase of thefts of Toro Dingos, according to Toro's Jody Kerr.