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Ri$k Happens: Waving him through

By Mary Ann Gormly — Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

May 14, 2023

The delivery driver for the rental store pulled into a line of vehicles waiting to enter the complex. They all had to stop at a security hut and explain their reason for needing admittance. They showed their credentials, verification was authenticated, and they were on their way. The driver pulled around to the area where he was to make his delivery.   

It was a very busy area. Several large trucks were maneuvering around the loading docks that morning.  A couple members of the security crew were guiding the trucks on where to go. Soon it was our driver’s turn. He did as he was told, completed his left turn, caught the fender of another truck, and popped their tire. Even though he was being guided by someone else, the driver for the rental store could have kept an eye out for other drivers, too.   

As a defensive driver, proceed cautiously through parking lots, look for other vehicles backing out rather than seizing the right of way and assuming other drivers will see you and stop, even if you are being guided by someone else.  

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