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Peer Executive Groups names Homeowner Market and Hybrid/Dealer Top Guns

By Brock Huffstutler

July 9, 2023

Top Gun Homeowner awardsPeer Executive Groups (PEG) has named the winners of its 2023 Top Gun Homeowner Market and Hybrid/Dealer Recognitions. 

Homeowner Market Recognition 

In 2022, PEG measured those rental operators focused on homeowners as anyone who self-reported homeowners as at least 35 percent of their total volume. The homeowner benchmark was comprised of over 30 peer group members.  

PEG says EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) achievement is more difficult due to increased employee costs servicing smaller and shorter contracts in general, and offers its 2023 Top Gun recognition for best earnings and cost management to the following 10 homeowner rental operations:   

  • A to Z Equipment Rentals of NC, North Carolina — Austin Wilson 
  • Best Rentals, Colorado — Aaron Nebelsick 
  • Bunce Rental, Washington — Mike Blaisdell 
  • Coker Rentals, Tennessee — Rodney Coker 
  • Dot’s Rentals, Texas — Demita Torrans 
  • General Rent-All, Ohio — Dan Fielitz 
  • Grand Rental Station, New Jersey — Steve Lusby and Greg Ackerson 
  • Only 1 Rentals, Texas — Dillon Hughes 
  • Rent Ready Equipment, Alabama — Eric Barron 
  • Taylor Rental of Greenville, Mississippi — Marlee Cain

Hybrid/Dealer Recognition  

Top Gun Hybrid winnersPEG also recognizes top operators in their network that report their financials in the Hybrid/Dealer category. To qualify for this designation, companies’ rental sales must amount to less than 70 percent of total sales. 

Some of these members, in addition to rental, submit performance results on equipment dealer sales, building and material sales, hardware sales and more.  

PEG says these members have difficulty achieving the EBITDA as a percentage of sales results of “pure rental” stores, and that this is a comfortable trade for most of these members as they have greater than usual sales and support more employees and overhead.  

PEG’s 2023 Top Gun winners in the Hybrid/Dealer group — from 2022 data — are:  

  • A to Z Equipment Rental, Arizona — Doug Dickerson 
  • Cardinal Power Sales, Ohio — Josh Mueck
  • D.J.’s Rentals & Sales, Oklahoma — Trish and Bobby Southard 
  • Far West Rents & Ready Mix, California — Matt Crawford 
  • Nor-Val Rentals, British Columbia, Canada — Troy McDonald 
  • Service Rentals and Supplies, Hawaii — Ryan Ouye
  • Target Rentals, Colorado — Jim Duke 
  • Ted’s True Value Rentals, Colorado — TJ Hermesman
  • Walter Building Center, Oklahoma — Brian Walter 
  • Webber Rentals, Illinois — Terry Allen