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Make your staff rental pros with ARA Certified training

By Connie Lannan

June 9, 2023

ARA Certified trainingThere are staff and then there are rental pros. The difference that distinguishes between the two and sets your operation apart from the competition is professional-grade training. That is what the American Rental Association (ARA) Certified Service Technician and ARA Certified Sales and Marketing programs provide you — at a discount, too — if you register before Aug. 31.

Both trainings, ideal for newer as well as more experienced staff, offer self-paced learning. Those who complete either program earn a professional designation as well — ECP-ST (ARA Certified Service Technician) or ECP-SM (ARA Certified Sales and Marketing). Here’s a quick overview of each offering:

ARA Certified Service Technician: This training is designed for employees who are interested in honing their skills in equipment maintenance, safety and technical knowledge. It is well-suited for service managers, mechanics or operations specialists.

For Luke Schultz with RentalMax in Carol Stream, Ill., the ARA Certified Service Technician program offered “an excellent way to test my knowledge and expand on other techniques to interact with our customers. It widened my scope, allowing me to perform at a higher level,” he says.

ARA Certified Sales and Marketing: This training is designed for employees who are responsible for customer interactions, digital marketing and more. It is well-suited for sales staff, customer service representatives and office managers.

For Brandon Niles with First Place Rental in Oswego, Ill., the ARA Certified Sales and Marketing program “covered so many different aspects of sales in this industry. The marketing and cybersecurity were the most helpful to me personally and relevant to the innovative digital age,” he says.

Plus, when you register for either training between now and Aug. 31, you receive 10 percent off the regular price. Use the promo code TAKE10OFF. If you purchase both programs for a member of your team, you receive an even bigger discount — buy one, get one 50 percent off. This is a one-time offer. Use promo code HALFOFFARA. For more information, contact

Now is the time to turn your staff into rental pros with ARA Certified. Learn more and register by clicking here.