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Bon Tool Co. acquires Jag Clamp product line

By Stephen Elliott

January 7, 2024

Bon Tool Co.Bon Tool Co. acquires Jag Clamp line, Gibsonia, Pa., has acquired the Jag Clamp™ product line, the company said. The move follows a history of collaboration with the product originator, Andy Green, of Jag Clamp. Prior to completing the acquisition of the intellectual property rights, operating assets and all patents associated with the product, Bon Tool Co. was an exclusive distributor of the line holding tool.

Jag Clamp delivers precise line measurement for both vertical and horizontal masonry work. The clamp provides a secure grip, which minimizes the risk of disengagement from the masonry unit. It works on all size blocks and bricks and eliminates the need for other line stretchers, line block and twigs, according to the company.

“We are pleased with this acquisition as we feel it elevates safety standards for the masonry industry. In addition, we are excited by the possibility of applications beyond the masonry field, and we are now considering variations on the product,” said John Bongiovanni, president, Bon Tool Co.