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Yanmar CE and ASV officially join forces

By Stephen Elliott

February 5, 2023

Yanmar CE and ASV join forcesYanmar Compact Equipment North America (YCENA), Grand Rapids, Minn., encompassing the Yanmar Compact Equipment and ASV brands, finalized its status as a single legal entity. The milestone comes three years after the Yanmar Group acquired ASV Holdings. Now, the Yanmar Compact Equipment division in North America and ASV officially join to become YCENA. 

“This is a huge step for us, our dealers and our customers,” said Tate Johnson, president, YCENA. “The alignment of the two brands allows us to focus on expansion, new products, and overall strategic growth in North America while finding new ways to serve our customers.” 

Yanmar CE and ASV have operated as YCENA from a commercial standpoint since July 2020.