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Trackunit acquires Flexcavo

By Ashleigh Petersen

Trackunit logoTrackunit, Aalborg, Denmark, has acquired Flexcavo, Berlin, which will enable the company to extend its reach in the contractor market. 

The agreement, which closed on Jan. 1, 2023, will see Flexcavo continue to build its software solution to contractors and rental clients across Europe. Flexcavo specializes in data-enabled workflow and process management through the construction sector enabling contractors and rental companies to increase their efficiency, lower costs and improve the team’s collaboration across construction sites, yards and headquarters. 

“We’re delighted to welcome Flexcavo into the Trackunit group and this significantly strengthens our offering to contractors and those with mixed fleets. We’re looking forward to leveraging Flexcavo’s expertise and making sure we’re serving our customers in the best way possible moving forward,” said Soeren Brogaard, CEO, Trackunit. 

“Our team has doubled in the last 18 months and with the acquisition of Flexcavo, we’re on track to continue growing. We’re ambitious and this move fits perfectly with our overall strategy,” Brogaard added. Trackunit currently has just under 400 employees. 

“We are excited and proud to join forces with Trackunit,” said Benedict Aicher, Flexcavo co-founder. “This enables us to double down on our ambition to be the leading partner for every contractor who strives for excellence and wants to make the most of every single job.” 

“Being part of the Trackunit ecosystem allows for a deeper integration into the contractor value chain and beyond,” he said. “I know the Trackunit team shares our commitment to build the most useful industry for the world, and I can’t wait to get started.” 

Leonhard Fricke, Flexcavo co-founder, additionally highlights the potential for Flexcavo, which employs approximately 30 staff, to make their solutions for customers even better. 

“It will boost our developing capabilities significantly so that contractors and rental companies can benefit from even faster feature releases, real-time data across all machinery, and even more automation of processes between site, yard and headquarters,” he said. “Making our offering available in other key markets and supporting customers in their digitization efforts will be our key mission going forward.” 

Brogaard added that the acquisition also should enable Trackunit to manage the rental/contractor relationship even better in the future. 

“It’s adding new capabilities and will allow rentals and contractors to smooth out any hiccups relating to machine usage, efficiencies and productivity,” he said. “It fits with the industry-wide purpose to eliminate downtime and any move that brings us closer to that goal can only make construction better.”