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Those in Region Seven honored at The ARA Show

By Connie Lannan

March 14, 2023

Jim Ziegler, second from left, was inducted into the ARA Rental Hall of Fame, at The ARA Show. This is the highest honor offered by the association.

Jim Ziegler, second from left, was inducted into the ARA Rental Hall of Fame, at The ARA Show. This is the highest honor offered by the association.

There are so many memorable experiences that occur at The ARA Show™ — the numerous educational seminars, the trade show, all the events and the networking. One that stands out is when those in the industry are honored for their dedication and service. This year’s show in Orlando was no exception. See who was honored in Region Seven.

Rental Hall of Fame: James “Jim” Ziegler, Rental City, Boulder, Colo.

James “Jim” Ziegler, retired owner of Rental City in Boulder, Colo., was inducted into the Rental Hall of Fame, the highest honor possible in rental, during the American Rental Association (ARA) Industry Awards Lunch at the show in Orlando.

“The Rental Hall of Fame is ARA’s most prestigious award. This year we are honored to recognize two individuals whose vision and leadership have made a significant impact on the equipment and event rental industry. Their dedication has been felt across the rental community and I would like to personally thank and congratulate them,” says Tony Conant, ARA CEO.

When Ziegler was told he would be a recipient of this award, he was totally taken aback. “I was very surprised as I never thought I would receive an honor like this,” he says. “I spent a lot of years with the ARA. Receiving this award simply indicates that I had a lot of cooperation and support from a lot of different people from the ARA for the things I attempted to do.”

Ziegler started his career in the rental industry in 1969 when he bought an A-Z Rental franchise in Boulder — which eventually would become Rental City. Ziegler built Rental City from the ground up and turned it into a thriving business. After 30 years, he sold the company to NationsRent in 2000. Ziegler also was the CEO of RenTrain, a business he developed to help reduce insurance costs and improve operating techniques through educational programs for rental equipment dealers and to provide websites for small businesses.

Ziegler has been actively involved in the ARA and the ARA of Colorado for years, having served on the ARA of Board of Directors from 1988-1992 and as the 29th ARA president in 1990. While on the ARA of Colorado board, he also served as its president.

Ziegler enjoyed being a rental industry consultant to dealers and co-ops over the years. In addition, he served on numerous committees and participated in seminars at the local, state and regional levels. Since his retirement, he has continued to attend the show every year.

Leadership Impact Award: Brady Castro, PRO EM National Event Services, Phoenix, ARA of Arizona vice president

Castro, principal with PRO EM National Event Services, has been involved with ARA on both the state and federal levels.

His service began in 2018 as a member of ARA’s Party & Event Services Shared Interest Group. Since 2021, he has been a member of ARA’s Event Rental Advocacy Work Group and Large Event Rental Company Council. In 2022, he also became involved with the ARA of Arizona, and he has been serving as the state chapter’s vice president since 2022.

To be recognized with the Leadership Impact Award for Region Seven is both “humbling and flattering,” he says. “I can’t believe it. I have been in the industry going on 25 years and have become more active in ARA in the last several years. It means a lot to have the respect of your peers. I guess that is something everyone strives to have — to be validated and be recognized — but my involvement has not been to achieve that. I am just trying to help. My volunteer work is a way to advance our industry. I do it on behalf of PRO EM. I do it to represent PRO EM. Now to be recognized is a little bit overwhelming quite honestly. I am grateful for it, and I appreciate the recognition and all the opportunities that this industry and ARA have afforded me. I am very grateful for that,” he says.