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The Machine that Keeps On Giving: How Vacs Improve Rental Yard ROI

By Christopher Thompson, Ditch Witch, Product Marketing Manager – Vacuum Excavation – Sponsored

Rental yard ROI is actually very simple – if your machine isn’t being used, it isn’t making you money. The key to financial success in the rental industry is to invest in machines that won’t sit on your lot all day.

For that reason, vacuum excavators are quickly becoming a favorite for rental yard owners. Vacs are low-maintenance machines without complex upkeep needs. They are also extremely versatile, with the ability to take on HDD jobs, landscaping tasks, irrigation installation, construction cleanup and even tree care. With simple maintenance keeping the machine available and multiple jobs keeping the machines busy, vacs are primed for a high ROI.

Vac Maintenance
Vacs are designed to be low maintenance. In fact, Ditch Witch vacs are nearly maintenance free. Sure, there’s daily tasks, like dumping and cleaning the tanks, and regular maintenance like standard oil and filter changes. But that’s about it. There really aren’t any other maintenance needs for vacs.

Vacs are also very durable. Most machine maintenance that rental yard owners deal with are related to the ground-engaging parts of a machine. The only ground-engaging part of a vac is the end of a suction tube – and those are built to withstand the rigors of the job.

Because vac maintenance needs are few and far between, vacs are rarely in the shop and are almost always available to be used and to make you money.

Vac Versatility
Vacs are some of the most versatile machines on the market. While they historically have been used to expose underground utilities on HDD sites; today, the flexibility and soft excavating-nature of vacs have led them to be used on many other jobsites and industries. Landscapers use vacs to expose utilities before trenching or to work in sensitive areas. Vacs are also ideal to use in tight areas where traditional compact equipment is unable to work.

And the uses of vacuum excavators are only growing. Need to clean out a manhole cover? Vac that. How about a sand bunker on a golf course? Vac that. Need a soft excavation option to install an irrigation line in a garden? Vac that.

With increased application comes increased potential users and more opportunity for your machine to make you money.

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