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The latest updates from Marty Bamburg, ARA of Louisiana president

By Marty Bamburg

November 7, 2023

Marty Bamburg

Marty Bamburg

Hi, American Rental Association (ARA) Region Four members. Marty Bamburg, ARA of Louisiana president, here. Thank you for allowing me to share some industry news on the regional and national fronts.

First off, I am thrilled that the ARA of Louisiana and the Texas Rental Association (TRA) were able to join forces to offer our first joint event — a fishing tournament Oct. 20 on Toledo Bend Lake. We had tried to pull off this event earlier in the year, but Mother Nature had other plans. I was set to go and then had to cancel at the last minute because of illness. Gary Jones Jr., TRA president, shared that the day was perfect. There was a great group of rental operators competing for fish bragging rights. TRA took the honors, with the biggest fish award for a 1.79-pounder going to Stewart Smart with AA Rental in Dallas. Second place for a 1.58-pounder went to Juan Sanchez, also with AA Rental. Everyone was a winner and had a great time. The event concluded with a fish fry social, so everyone had plenty of fish that day.

AA Rental's Juan Sanchez, left, and Stewart Smart took home the top prizes at the ARA of Louisiana/TRA fishing tournament.

AA Rental’s Juan Sanchez, left, and Stewart Smart took home the top prizes at the ARA of Louisiana/TRA fishing tournament.

I believe this is the first time our state chapters have come together for an event of this kind. I can’t thank Gary enough for attending the ARA of Louisiana’s Crawfish Boil, where this idea was hatched. I know the ARA of Louisiana would be happy to team up for additional joint ventures because it is great to get a bunch of rental operators together to network, have fun and enjoy some delicious food.

Our chapters aren’t the only ones offering events for members. In September, the ARA of Arkansas offered Leaders Table events in Rogers and Little Rock, which were very successful. Tomorrow the ARA of Oklahoma is having its Chicken N Pickle social in Oklahoma City. That state chapter has extended an invitation to rental operators in the neighboring states of Arkansas and Kansas. Pickleball courts will be reserved for those who wish to play as well as plenty of indoor entertainment, from cornhole and pingpong to oversized Jenga, Battleship and more. This will be a fun event for everyone on your team as well as their families.

Great weather, calm water and biting fish made for a huge catch.

Great weather, calm water and biting fish made for a huge catch.

A big event I hope everyone in Region Four will be able to attend is The ARA Show™, scheduled for Feb. 18-21, with EventsU for those in event rental on Feb. 17. This year, the festivities will be in New Orleans — our backyard. We hope to see a lot of people from our region there. If you have been before, you know all the benefits, from the education, networking and trade show to the social events. If you haven’t attended before, this is the year to go. For those of us in rental, it is the industry event of the year. I know when I go, I am like a kid at a candy store. There is so much to see, do and learn — benefits that impact the entire operation. Since it is so close, think about bringing some of your employees. Have them come for the educational sessions, which are incredible, or the trade show floor to see the miles of equipment and the manufacturer sales staff who are eager to talk with you. Register now so you don’t miss out.

Speaking of the show, the next few months are a great time to look at your inventory and your missed rentals list as well as talk with your customers to see what equipment you need to purchase in New Orleans.

I know for us, November and December will continue to be busy on the wedding front. We will do a deep dive into our inventory after that.

But remember that as we head into winter we have to be prepared for the changing weather. Predictions are that states in our region might have a very cold winter. That can play havoc on our equipment and on deliveries. I remember last winter it got down to 14 degrees. That is dangerous for our equipment and staff. I also remember taking tents down and the vinyl cracking because it was so cold. Don’t be caught off-guard. Take extra safety precautions.

We all want to succeed. It is much easier to do that if we take the time to avail ourselves of the resources offered by ARA at the state and national levels, connect with vendors for the inventory our customers need and prepare for the unexpected.

Here’s to a good and safe fourth quarter, my rental friends.

Marty Bamburg, ARA of Louisiana president
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Shreveport, La.