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Stellar Industries launches ‘We Are Stellar’ initiative

By Stephen Elliott

StellarStellar Industries, Garner, Iowa, an employee-owned and operated manufacturer of mechanic trucks and cranes, fire service trucks, hooklifts, trailers and service truck and van accessories, is launching its ‘We Are Stellar’ initiative. The initiative recognizes the significance of the manufacturer’s distributors and customers and the success that has come from these strong partnerships. 

“We Are Stellar is all about partnership,” said Dave Zrostlik, Stellar president. “We partner with distributors to set the standard for quality, innovation and customer service, and we partner with customers to help them meet ever-evolving challenges to stay productive and profitable. Together, We Are Stellar.” 

To accompany its brand unification, Stellar will debut a new, user-friendly website that will feature all of its products in one place. The site will be a one-stop shop for all things Stellar with enhanced navigation and an improved user experience. Additionally, the company is developing new enhancements to improve its distributor program. 

“We think of distributors, customers and our products like a three-legged stool – take one leg away and everything collapses. We’re proud to have distributors and customers as part of the Stellar team as we move into a bold future,” Zrostlik said.