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Ri$k Happens: New number, who dis?

By Mary Ann Gormly - Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

January 18, 2023

Car accidentA call came into the claims department of an insurance company. It was another insurance carrier reporting an accident. It seemed the driver for a rental store had sideswiped another vehicle pushing them off the road and into a guardrail. The driver and the passenger were hurt. Their car was damaged on both the driver and passenger sides. 

The claim was entered and an adjuster was assigned. The adjuster reached out to the contact for the rental store to ask them about the accident and get some additional information. The rental store owner explained that they didn’t have an employee with that name and that they sold the truck in question months before. 

After an investigation, it was discovered that when the truck was sold, the insurance card was not removed from the glove box. When the new owner of the truck got into the accident, he reached into the glove box and produced the insurance information as though it was his own. The policy dates on the card were still in force, so the police officer did not ask any further questions at the scene. 

Be sure you remove all business information from a vehicle prior to selling it to avoid headaches for everyone down the road. 

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