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Ri$k Happens: Known suspect

By Mary Ann Gormly — Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

April 20, 2023

The manager and owner of the rental store sat in front of their computer screen watching the video over and over. They didn’t want to believe what they were seeing. Over the weekend their rental yard had been broken into and it had been caught on their newly installed security system.

A person dressed in black had scaled the fence surrounding the rental yard, drove an excavator through the gate, and drove out with their pickup truck over the gate that had just been knocked down.

The police were called, and a report was filed. The owner of the rental store reluctantly provided the name and description of the person on the video. He was a former employee who had been let go a few weeks ago. He had left on less than desirable terms and that was just one reason the security system had been installed. Another was the rising crime in their area.

Safeguard your equipment by removing temptation, restricting access, tightening procedural controls and improving your chances of recovering it if it is stolen.

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