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Ri$k Happens: What about a roundabout?

By Mary Ann Gormly, loss analyst, ARA Insurance

June 11, 2023

ARA InsuranceRoundabout, rotary, traffic circle — whatever you call it in your part of the country, the rules of the road are the same. The drivers in the circle have the right-of-way and the drivers entering the circle need to yield. Traffic slows as you enter the roundabout to maneuver the circle. 

Roundabouts are being used more and more in new road construction because compared to stop signs, modern roundabouts reduce the likelihood and severity of collisions greatly by reducing traffic speeds and minimizing T-bone and head-on collisions.   

Drivers need to be aware of the need to slow down, especially if they are hauling a load that might shift. 

One driver did not heed the warning he had been given. He did not slow down, his load shifted as he came around the circle and his truck landed on its side. The entire roundabout was blocked until the truck could be moved. 

Remind your drivers to pay attention to road signs and speed limits. Thankfully, the young man in this situation was not injured beyond a few bumps and bruises, but it could have been much worse had other vehicles been involved. 

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