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Ri$k Happens: Watch for falling rocks!

By Mary Ann Gormly — Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

March 22, 2023

A man called the rental store from the side of the road. He was very upset because he had been following behind a truck belonging to the rental store and now his windshield was shattered.

The person at the rental store who answered the phone was having a hard time understanding how this could have happened, but she took down the man’s information and promised to call him back as soon as possible. 

The man had been correct. The truck belonging to the rental store was hauling a large piece of equipment that had been used on a job site. The equipment was used to clear land and mud, and rocks were caked onto the machine. The equipment had not been cleaned before being loaded onto the trailer.

The man’s windshield had been shattered by rocks falling from the equipment and bouncing onto the road and then onto his car. 

Make sure equipment is clean before being transported or ensure employees use proper precautions to keep debris off the roadway and other drivers safe.  

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