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Ri$k Happens: Underground turnaround

By Angela Cady, AIC – Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

October 1, 2023

The rental store employees pulled up to the large high-rise hotel. They had never delivered to this particular hotel before. They followed signs to the loading dock located in an underground parking garage. The fit was tight for their box truck in the narrow garage, but they just made it through. The two rental store employees set to work unloading the tables, chairs and other event supplies their customer had rented for a large event later that day.

When it was time to leave, the rental store driver took the box truck back out of the garage the way he had come. Unfortunately, since he was coming from a different direction and angled differently, one of the turns did not go as planned. Coming around a sharp corner in a narrow area, the box truck caught a pipe sticking out of the garage wall. The pipe scraped all the way down the side of the box truck, causing a large gash. The pipe was somehow miraculously unscathed. The rental store owner turned in a claim which will be handled according to his policy language.

Be aware of clearance and be sure to use a spotter in tight spaces. Always keep the spotter in sight. Never take for granted that things or people are where you expect them to be.

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