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Ri$k Happens: The weather doesn’t like being told what to do

By Angela Cady, AIC – Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance 

January 7, 2024

The rental store employees kept a close eye on the weather. A steady snow began falling with pockets of heavy snow expected later that afternoon. For the moment, the roads appeared passable. A rental store driver was dispatched as planned to pick up some equipment from a job site. Since the roads appeared okay, the risks of leaving equipment exposed to potential theft outweighed the potential hazard.

Unfortunately, the heavy snow started earlier than expected. The driver lost traction on a curve of the highway still a few miles out from his exit. He tried to correct but ended up sliding. He was able to avoid other vehicles but did end up striking the hillside beside the road. Thankfully he was not injured. He quickly called his manager and followed accident protocol, being sure to keep himself safe in the hazardous conditions. A claim was later turned in to the rental store’s insurance provider for the damage to the vehicle.

We do our best to keep an eye on conditions, but sometimes nature has its own ideas. This is your reminder to slow down in slippery conditions, avoid sudden movements, and keep your eye on potential hazards ahead. Review best practice tips for driving in snow so they are fresh in your mind. Be sure your employees know the plan should an accident occur and that they know to prioritize their safety.

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