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Ri$k Happens: Not the call you expected

By Angela Cady, AIC – Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

February 4, 2024

A rental customer was 20 minutes into his job when the commercial mower rented from a local rental store stopped in its tracks. He had checked levels before starting. Everything seemed normal. He called the rental store right away. After exchanging units for the customer, the rental store employees inspected the errant unit. There was no evidence of misuse. The rental store owner took the mower to a nearby repair facility.

The repair facility took a cursory look at it and reported back electrical issues were suspected. No further updates were received. The rental store owner checked in several times. The answer was always the same. The repair shop was backed up. They would get to it when they could.

One day the phone rang. The rental store owner answered, hopeful it was an update on his machine’s repair. Instead, he was told the unit had caught fire and burned up. The rental store tried to go through the repair facility’s insurance, but the claim was denied. The insurance company felt the machine was defective and the fire was not the repair facility’s fault.

The rental store owner filed a claim with his own insurance. The claim will be investigated and handled according to his policy language. The insurance company will then pursue recovery of what was paid out from any applicable responsible party.

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