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Ri$k Happens: Improper pickup

By Mary Ann Gormly, loss analyst, ARA Insurance 

September 17, 2023

A customer rented an excavator and used it on their job site. Everything went well and they finished up a day earlier than anticipated. The customer called the rental store and let them know they were calling the machine off rent and the rental store manager needed to come pick it up. The customer left the excavator outside of their secure job site so the rental store employees would have access to the machine.

The next day, late in the day, the rental store employees arrived at the location to pick up the excavator and take it back to the rental yard. The equipment was no where to be found. They contacted their customer who said the machine was gone when they arrived at the job site that morning and they assumed the rental store had picked it up after they left for the day.

Consider making arrangements to keep your rental equipment secure until you have staff available to pick it up.

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