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Ri$k Happens: Game plan for defensive driving

By Mary Ann Gormly, loss analyst, ARA Insurance

October 15, 2023

We’ve all seen that a great defense wins games. Driving defensively helps your team succeed. When you drive defensively, drivers, passengers and their cargo arrive safely.

The game plan for a defensive driver includes:

  • Recognizing hazardous driving situations.
  • Assuming other drivers will make mistakes.
  • Making adjustments if a hazard develops.
  • Looking ahead for approaching hazards.
  • Scanning the road before changing speed or direction.
  • Always using your turn signals.

How can you improve your defense?

  • Phone down, eyes on the road.
  • Seatbelt on.
  • Increase following distance.

Be a valued part of your team and drive defensively!

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