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Ri$k Happens: Aisle angst

By Angela Cady, loss analyst, ARA Insurance

March 26, 2023

Driver one finished loading her groceries into her vehicle and proceeded to back out of her parking space. She quickly headed down the aisle towards the parking lot exit. 

Driver two had just finished a delivery for the rental store where he was employed. Some muddy water splashed onto his windshield in transit and the wipers were not getting all of the muck. He decided to stop at the gas station by the grocery store to clean the windshield, prior to trekking back to the rental store. He finished up, then exited the gas station. He had to travel through the grocery store parking lot to get back to the road entrance he needed. He looked both ways and proceeded. 

The two drivers collided. Driver one accused the rental store driver of cutting through parking spaces and striking her when she had the right of way. The rental store driver accused the other driver of speeding and not paying attention. She was nowhere near him when he started to pass through. The matter was reported to the rental store’s insurance company. The adjuster will investigate and determine liability and then proceed accordingly. 

Remind your drivers to drive defensively. Do not rely on other drivers to pay attention and make good choices. Follow traffic rules and be on the lookout for situations that might lead to preventable accidents.  

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