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Rental Software Series: integraSoft

By Steve Campbell

March 1, 2023

integraRental logointegraSoft

The exact number of companies that offer equipment and event rental-specific software changes as companies enter and exit the market, but today there are more than 30 companies to choose from.

To help readers navigate through the variety of options when it comes to equipment and event rental-specific software, Rental Management is producing this Rental Software Series, which will provide profiles of software suppliers on a regular basis. This month, we profile integraSoft, Bettendorf, Iowa.

Location: Bettendorf, Iowa

Number of employees: 45

Year the company was founded: 1972

Founders: Brian Hanna and Nate Paulson

Current software products available:

  • integraERP
  • integraRental
  • integraWMS
  • integraService

Target customers: “Our customers include rental companies who have outgrown the limitations of their current accounting software and need a product offering full integration with QuickBooks, and rental companies looking to improve efficiency, reach, profitability and customer retention,” says Brian Hanna, integraSoft CEO.

What makes your product “rental-specific?” “integraRental is designed specifically for rental businesses of any size. Multi-location management, dispatch management, e-commerce and more are all designed to enhance day-to-day operations,” says Hanna.

How does your product make a rental store more efficient? “Scheduled maintenance prompts keep equipment operable longer, multi-location management tracks inventory across your enterprise, automated fuel and metered hour overage charges ensure you’re never getting shorted on time or fuel, and more. integraRental also is partnered with CenPOS, enabling credit card storing and PCI compliance, getting you paid faster and easier. Our customers tell us they rent quicker and more successfully than their competitors because of the modern capabilities provided by integraRental,” says Hanna.

What pain point(s) are you solving for your customers? “integraRental is fully integrated with QuickBooks, solving the continued battle created by managing your billing. integraRental makes billing the easiest part of any customer’s day. Users also are able to cut out the pain of losing important documents and sifting through mounds of files with paperless features like mobile signature capture, an online payment portal, emailed invoices and agreements, and more. integraRental is partnered with RoviTracker, combating machine theft, and providing peace of mind provided by modern GPS telematics,” says Hanna.

What is the most used new feature available with your software package? “integraRental’s new mobile app as it means the user is no longer confined to a desk and can take business on-the-go, wherever they are and whenever they need it,” says Hanna.

Why should a rental store choose your product? “We provide one-on-one support and integraRental is powered by people who care about your success. Customer feedback drives us and pushes us to develop continued improvements to the products we’re still 100 percent invested in. Want to upgrade your online presence? Blow your competition out of the water and attract new customers with our dynamic e-commerce and web design options. integraRental is the logical choice for rental businesses who want to separate themselves from their competitors through technology, and we’re here to build that success with you, as part of your team,” says Hanna.

How many rental companies use your software? “More than 100 companies,” says Hanna.

What percentage of your total installed base of customers are equipment and event rental companies? “Eighty percent are equipment rental companies and 20 percent are event rental companies,” says Hanna.

What do you think is next for rental-specific software? “Rental-specific software will continue to progress towards a more paperless and automated world. Our goal always is to create the most streamlined experience for our users, requiring the fewest clicks to complete the job at hand,” says Hanna.

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