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Pioneer Pump dewatering application solution

By Stephen Elliott

August 13, 2023

Pioneer Pump dewatering application solution

The ElectricPAK™ variable frequency drive (VFD) from Pioneer Pump, Fort Wayne, Ind., a brand of Franklin Electric Co., is a solution designed to withstand the demands of mobile dewatering applications. The platform is engineered to deliver a more intuitive operation via a new touchscreen interface, known as SmartPrime™.  

The VFD uses Franklin Electric’s experience with electronics as the foundation of the new offering. The VFD platform will be available in two portable packages. The ElectricPAK VFD can be mounted to the pump skid to simplify transport and ensure that pump, motor and VFD are ready to set up and go on the job site. The VFD also can be mounted in its own standalone skid and used with different pumping systems.