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PEAK Event Services launches luxury linen and tabletop accessory brand

By Brock Huffstutler

May 7, 2023

PEAK Event Services and Reverie SocialEvent logistics and equipment supplier PEAK Event Services, Boston, has launched its newest endeavor in Reverie Social, a luxury table linen and tabletop accessory brand available to rent nationwide.  

“Our team truly understands what it takes to put together an event, from ideation to execution, and we are excited to help planners, designers, venues, caterers and trendsetters across the country bring their visions to life,” said Alicia Lessing, PEAK’s senior director of special projects, who was the project lead on Reverie Social. 

Reverie Social says it takes great pride in sourcing its linens from a diverse range of purveyors, both nationally and internationally, and becoming a market leader for fine table linens. The brand says its rigorous testing process ensures each piece of linen is of the highest quality, that most of its linen lines are manufactured in-house by a team of talented sewing artisans, and that its dedication to quality and craftsmanship is matched by its desire to be innovative and break into the event marketplace in a whimsical and captivating way. 

“We’re dedicated to upholding the same standards of excellence and innovation that has made PEAK Event Services a household name, and we’re proud to have the opportunity to bring our own unique perspective and ideas to the table,” said Jennifer Gullins, CEO, PEAK Event Services. “It’s been an exciting journey from concept to creation, and I’m proud to see the hard work and dedication of our team come to fruition. Currently, Reverie Social offers in-person consultation in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts and we are looking forward to expanding our showrooms to additional markets in the coming months.” 

While Reverie Social is part of the PEAK Event Services family of brands, it operates as its own independent entity. By offering nationwide shipping, Reverie Social says it ensures that clients across the country can enjoy its luxurious linens, no matter their location.