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New ARA Certified Forklift Train-the-Trainer program adapts to your needs

By Connie Lannan

February 14, 2024

Depending on your rental operation and customer mix, you might use and rent a variety of forklifts. No matter what type of forklifts you have, the American Rental Association’s (ARA) brand-new Certified Forklift Training program, which will be unveiled at The ARA Show™, Feb. 18-21 in New Orleans, has you covered.

The program will offer ARA Certified Forklift Train-the-Trainer, ARA Certified Forklift Operator Training and ARA Certified Forklift Operator Training for Customers. All will include online theory and hands-on training. The Train-the-Trainer program will satisfy the federally mandated Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training requirements as well as be compliant with those of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The Operator Training will satisfy both OSHA and ANSI requirements as well as be compliant with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) training requirements.

Trainers will be instructed on all six classes of forklifts that pertain to equipment and event rental operations and their customers:

  • Class I: Electric motor rider trucks
  • Class II: Electric motor narrow aisle trucks
  • Class III: Electric motor hand trucks or hand/rider trucks
  • Class IV: Internal combustion engine trucks (solid/cushion tires)
  • Class V: Internal combustion engine trucks (pneumatic-type tires)
  • Class VII: Rough-terrain forklift trucks

A major benefit of the ARA Certified Forklift Train-the-Trainer program is it “will allow members to become certified operator trainers, permitting them to offer operator training on any of the six classes to their employees and customers — and create an additional revenue source for ARA members,” says Sean Willich, ARA safety training manager.

“It is tailored to be flexible and adapt to the needs of each rental operation and their customers,” adds Grace Nelson, ARA director of education programs.

Whether you run an equipment or event rental operation, this training can benefit you as forklifts are used in all rental businesses.

“The ARA Certified Forklift Train-the-Trainer and Forklift Operator programs will equip ARA members with the ability to provide their employees and customers with the training necessary to protect themselves and those around them during forklift operations while also reducing many of the liabilities associated with forklift use,” Willich says.

Learn more about this brand-new training offering at the ARA Resource Center, Booth No. 2827, at the show. View the latest video describing the program, ask questions from ARA staff and learn how you can receive a $100 discount off the price of this important education that will be available in March.